Visiting Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS)

My holiday mood is still on! Since UM is like 20 minutes away from my home and it's still school holiday, I miss home and my brothers! They'll start schooling again in 2 weeks. My little brother is going back to his MRSM soon. I want to spend more time with them. (Fun fact: I'm very close to my brothers, although I'm the only daughter.)

Actually, I go home almost every weekend. Is that bad? If UM is not this near to my house I won't be doing this. Plus, the nearby LRT station which is LRT University is one line with the LRT station near my house. No need to stop at KL Sentral or Masjid Jamek to change the line. It's just so easy for me to go home! Lol.

Alright so, last weekend my parents brought us to Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS) at Ipoh, Perak. I'm not sure if a lot of people know about it because it's a new theme park. It was recently opened last year in June. MAPS is the first animation park in Asia. I'm not so sure about the ticket prices but they're below RM100. Since it's currently school holiday, of course, there are promotions! Visit their website guys!

Honestly, I have nothing much to say. It was fun! Of course. Just, it wasn't as good as what I've expected. Maybe because it's quite new, a few of the attractive rides that I wanted to try were closed due to maintenance. Other rides were cool as well but the ques were very long since it's a school holiday.

I recently have been enjoying this camera app called Huji. It's quite popular now, both Apple & Android has it. So, I took lots of pictures with the app! The effect is very pretty and in my opinion, it suits any kinds of pictures. Here are some of them that I wanted to share with you guys.

The entrance. That's my little brother in stripes! Hahaha. That man behind him is my father. 

After scanning your tickets, there's this long pathway bridge heading you to the theme park. Along the way, you'll meet some photographers that will offer to take pictures of you. You can claim and buy the pictures later at the front counter.

Just a random scenery picture I took. Beautiful clouds!

And here's the actual entrance to the theme park! 

These are the buildings of the theme park that I thought kind of look like Universal Studios'. So adorable and creative! It's like living in a cartoon world.

Central stage. They have quite a few performances in a day. Don't forget to take the theme park map and showtimes of the day at the information counter.

The first ride we rode! Classic, old-school swinging chairs. I still enjoy it until now! This literally never gets old. Actually, the duration of this one is quite short than usual. Not really worth the long wait in the queue. But, I love swinging chairs so it's okay.

The buildings are sooooo nice! I don't know how else to describe them. They really remind me of Disneyland. I went there last February in Hong Kong.

Boboiboy Cattus Coaster! This is a pay-per-ride roller coaster. RM15 per person. Worth it? Mhmm, I guess. This one just opened that day I went here.

Inside that cave! Dark. Waiting in line to ride the roller coaster. Hahaha.

I don't really know what this is. I just randomly took this picture when I passed by these statues. Lol.

Fantasy Forest. I didn't get to explore this part of the theme park that much because I was rushing to catch the stunt show. What show? Take a look at the next picture!

One of the main attractions here in MAPS. Stunt Legends Arena! South-East Asia's First Thrilling Car & Bike 'Live' Stunt Show. And that's my little brother again.

The ending of the show. The stunts were quite awesome! I don't know how to describe this one but basically, it was about 2 teams (red & blue) competing to see who can do the best stunts.

There are other rides we tried that I have no picture of. One of them was this 4D Animation Boboiboy Movie. It was so cute (because it's a Boboiboy movie, lol) and awesome as well! There were many little kids watching. Another thing that I thought was cute was when the kids were so impressed and excited with the 4D effects of the show. Vibrating seats and splashes of water.

Overall, I enjoyed this trip! I always love going to theme parks. If you guys haven't visit MAPS, you really should go. I guess I've expected too high, but since this theme park just launched last year, I'm sure they will improve from time to time and add more amazing rides! The price of the tickets is affordable as well.
Which theme park in Malaysia have you been to?
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99 Roses: Simply Romantic

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Ways to Relax After A Long Day

Hello, 2nd Semester! So far, so good. Well, that's literally because it's the first week. The schedule is still quite flexible, only for this week. The real struggle is starting soon. For now, I'm trying to enjoy these free time I have since there are no practicals, quizzes, presentations, and assignments yet. Next week onwards are going to be hectic!

Whether you're working or studying, sometimes it can be so tiring, right? No matter what type of job you have or what course you're taking, seriously. A long day can be very exhausting. I've been there. Gosh, this is making me miss my high school years so bad. High school years were very fun, and obviously not as hard as this current life I'm having.

1st Semester wasn't that bad because I managed to handle my stress quite well. There were those tiring days where I felt like screaming and crying. It's normal, I guess. I've learned to be more chill and relax! This is very important for our health, physically and mentally. I feel like sharing these ways on how should we relax after a very long day.

Take a long, hot shower
I don't know about you guys, but I'm that kind of person who takes a very loooong shower. Probably around 15 minutes, at least. I love it, no matter what the temperature is. And obviously, it would be even more satisfying after a tiring day. Hot shower is even better. Definitely one of the best ways to freshen yourself up!

Some music can help!
What are your favorite music genres? Well, I seriously don't have any specific ones that I like. Listening to music is a good way to relax. I know it's better to listen to the ones that are more calming but for me, any type of songs that I enjoy can really help me to escape from my mind, even just for a little while. If I'm a bit stressed, I would literally karaoke out loud and guess what, it really works! Hahaha.

Go offline
Sometimes, it's better to have some 'me-time' without any gadgets. Talk to your family, have some snacks or read a book. Turn off your smartphones and laptops! They will just remind you about all the assignments and workload you have. No, I'm not telling you to procrastinate, it's just, you need to at least have some good rest before you start doing any of those tasks back. Don't push yourself too much. 

A cup of coffee?
Hot coffee during the night is so refreshing. My favorite is Nescafe Caramel Latte. Since I'm living in my college, those 3in1 packets are very useful! I enjoy drinking these rather than Milo. But if coffee can cause you insomnia, drink something else like hot chocolate and please, avoid coffee! You will lose sleep and feel very tired during the next day. For me, since I've had lots of coffee throughout my life, 1 cup of it has no effect on me anymore. Lol! Kinda sounds weird, I know.

Deep breathing (Meditate)
One of the simplest and easiest way to relax. Take a moment to sit on your couch, close your eyes and breath in deeply and slowly. If it's not enough, go outside and breath in some fresher air instead! Do this for at least 2 minutes. It is not only going to help you to relax but also very good for your health. After a long and rushed day, taking some deep breath can be very important.

Just sleep!
Okay, I know this one it's pretty obvious. What I'm trying to say here is you need to get ENOUGH sleep. Don't stay up too long until late night doing your work. Manage your work and time properly, as long as you're getting enough sleep then that's fine. Another option is to sleep early and wake up early if you still have not finished your work yet. It is better than staying up and try to push yourself when you're already tired.

So, these some of my opinion of ways on how I relax after a very tiring day. I don't know if they suit you guys but I really hope I've helped! Whatever it is, chill lah, okay? As I've mentioned earlier, don't push yourself too much! Relax!

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Graduation Flowers Singapore: What Kind of Flowers are Best for the Occasion

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For Graduation Gifts:
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