People call me Yana, an 18-year-old blogger from Selangor. I was born on 25th May 2000, currently taking biological science foundation programme at Pusat Asasi Sains Universiti Malaya. I'm a daughter of a wonderful, precious couple and a big sister to two annoying, little boys. MY CAT IS THE BEST THING EVER. Don't fight me on this. I'm obsessed with my own cat. Oh, and Marvel.

My blog, Liyana Jasmi was launched as a personal blog. If you like reading about someone's life and feelings, you'll feel right at home here! I do write lifestyle and blogging kind of posts sometimes. Talking about random stuff is also what I do. You'll find various type of posts here. I write what I want.

I started blogging in 2011. You might be curious about it as my oldest post here was in 2015. That's because I decided to restart everything from scratch and delete all my older blog posts (they were bad, seriously). I built up everything again, and now here I am. This is still the same blog, tho. It's my first and main blog until today.

Back then, I loved one of Malaysia's famous teen fiction authors, Ain Maisarah. I really appriciated her novels, and I even went to her events. One of it was a writing workshop, where she gave writing tips & tricks. That was when I felt truly inspired to write. I tried to write a novel once, but I felt like blogging suites me better.

Honestly, I enjoyed editing my blog rather than writing. I do love to write, but I could spend hours and even skip my sleep just to edit my blog. You might not see me in your Reading List very often, but I'm actually online doing some changes to my blog design. Well, that's just a fun fact about this ordinary blogger you're reading about. 

Hope you enjoy my site just as much as I enjoy blogging!